Creating a Course

Only teachers (instructors / professors) can create a Course. A Course can be created to support social learning in a class / course they are teaching.

Click on the "Create Course" button from your zLearn Home page to get started.

  • Give your Course a title -- it useful to use the same name as your class / course.
  • Description -- you can use this to provide the objective of this Course on zLearn, so your students can see it and benefit from it
  • Image -- you can assign an image for your Course if you wish
  • College -- the name of your instituition
  • Department --the department which is this Course is part of
  • Teaching Level -- what the level of this Course is
  • Subject -- pick from the provided taxonomy a subject category for this Course
  • Location --the country of the institution
  • Zip Code -- the zip code for the institution

With this information, the Course will be created and you will be take into the Course on zLearn.

Inviting Members: From within the Course Home page, you can add and invite staff or student members to join the Course. Click on the Manage link to the right of Staff or Students. You can invite people using their email address, or you can invite people from your contact list, or your Facebook account. OR, you can import email addresses in bulk from your class roster (from your learning management system like BlackBoard, Moodle, Sakai, etc.) and have the system send out invites to all the people to join the Course.

Managing Projects: The Course can have any number of Projects. You or any member of the Course can a create a Project in the Course, by entering a name for the new project from the Course Home page. See information on Creating a Project for more information.

As a teacher creating the Course, you can see the progress on any Project in the Course at any time -- see Recent Activity within any Project to see the latest changes and additions in each Project.

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