Managing your Account

Account Settings: Click on your name on the header of zLearn to access your personal Account page.

  • Identity: You can manage your account password and your photo
  • Email Addresses: A nice feature of zLearn is that you can link up your alternative email addresses to your account, and then sign in using any of your email addresses to access your account, AND to let other collaborators be able to connect with you using any of your email addresses
  • Linked Acccounts: You can link your zLearn account with your Facebook account, to tap into your social network on Facebook, and invite people from them selectively to join your Projects

Contacts: Click on the Contacts link on the zLearn header to access your Contacts page. zLearn lets you import contacts from GMAIL, Yahoo Mail, Live Mail / Hotmail, and Outlook. You can edit / update any contact's settings easily. You can tap into any of your contacts to collaborate with you selectively on any Project as needed (Caveat: only a Teacher or designated staff members in a Course can control who is a member of a Course).

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