How does zLearn help me as a teacher / instructor?

Imagine the following possibilities:
  • What if you could offer an online tool designed for student group projects in your course?
  • What if you could monitor and assist students in the course of doing their group project work easily?
  • What if you could evaluate individual contributions from each student in a group project?
  • What if you could deliver fair individual grades to students even for their group projects?
  • What if you could save lot time and avoid repeated searching for your own research work?
  • What if you could research together with colleagues and peers?
  • What if you could readily tap into the collective wisdom of your peer group?

zLearn is a new kind of application that helps you support social learning with your classes / courses, and make your own collaborative research work more productive. zLearn is free for teachers, instructors, and professors, and is also ad-free.

The social learning trend

The modern workplace requires individuals to be adept in collaborating with other employees and also with customers, partners and more. New employees entering the workforce are increasingly expected to come in with the relevant skills and experience in working together with others. Consequently, colleges and universities are expected to deliver practical collaborative skills to all its students.

Additionally, with social networks becoming mainstream, students are exposed to modern tools to remain connected with friends, relatives, classmates and others. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity in the classroom setting. Are you able to bring modern social tools to the learning experience? Could you do this in a way that really helps you deliver valuable collaborative skills?

We expect a new breed of social tools to emerge that help with just this growing need. zLearn from Zakta is the first of such tools to help you stimulate social learning for your courses and classes.

Supporting social learning

You can set up a free account as a teacher on zLearn, and with it, you can set up a "Course" on zLearn to match up with the course / class you are teaching. You can invite any staff members who are helpers on the Course, as well as the roster of students who are part of the Course to join you there. A Course, in turn, can contain any number of "Projects", which can be used for research, collaborative search, group projects, group work and more.

Every Project is supported in a collaborative workspace that combines research, curation, communication, and collaboration capabilities. And you, as the initiator of the Course, get to view the dynamics of group work in every project, giving you the vital information needed to communicate, coordinate and evaluate students for those projects.

Benefits of the social learning infrastructure supported by zLearn:<
  • Readily support group projects for students in your course
  • Monitor and assist students
  • Evaluate individual student contributions in the group project
  • Deliver fair grades to individuals even in group project settings
  • Give your students a cutting-edge collaborative workspace, loaded with integrated tools to facilitate collaborative research, communication, document collaboration, and more
  • Enable students to learn together, work together online to achieve project objectives

With zLearn, you can now facilitate collaborative learning or social learning in your courses / classes, and prepare your students with collaborative skills, needed for the workplace of today and tomorrow.

Accelerate your collaborative research work

As a teacher / instructor / professor, you are already collaborating with colleagues, peers and others for a number of reasons -- collaborative research with peer researchers, collaboration with fellow instructors on course planning, standards, industry trends, tools and more.

zLearn brings you a cutting-edge collaborative workspace which integrates research, curation, communication and collaboration tools, which you can use for your own collaborative research projects.

With your free zLearn account, outside any Courses you create for social learning support, you can create any number of "Projects" to collaboratively research or work with your peers. These tools are designed to vastly enhance your productivity.

Here are some benefits in this regard:
  • Research together with colleagues using the same collaborative research workspace
  • Tap into the collective wisdom of your peers for any given project or research need
  • Dramatically improve your own productivity and effectiveness

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