How does zLearn help me as a student?

Imagine the following possibilities:
  • What if you could research a topic together with your classmates in a single online search space?
  • What if you could divide up a research task with other team members, avoid repeated and wasted work, and save time?
  • What if you could find what you need faster by consulting and collaborating with your peers on your research tasks?
  • What if you could form your own study groups and enlist your classmates or others you trust to participate?
  • What if you could accelerate group study using power tools for research and collaboration?
  • What if you could easily tap into your social network and your peers, learn from others and help others?

zLearn is a new kind of social tool that helps you work together with your classmates and friends, to research information for projects more effectively, to easily work on group projects, and to set up study groups to learn together.

zLearn is designed to help you tap into the power of your peers, and social connections, to research more effectively, learn faster, and avoid repeated work for all your projects and school work.

zLearn can also be used by your teachers / instructors / professors to set up "Courses" for all your classes, and use that to support group projects online. The solution for the dreaded group project is now here. No more worries about freeloaders riding on your coattails to get unfair grades on group projects -- the true collaborative toolset enables your teacher to be able to evaluate individual contributions even in group projects.

The modern workplace requires individuals to be adept in collaborating with other employees and also with customers, partners and more. New employees entering the workforce are increasingly expected to come in with the relevant skills and experience in working together with others. zLearn brings cutting-edge collaborative tools to help you gain the kind of collaborative experience that is valued by employers today and most likely be demanded by employers tomorrow.

zLearn is free for you, and it is also free for teachers, instructors, and professors. zLearn is also ad-free, so you can focus on getting things done for your school work without annoying ads.

Benefiting from zLearn

Simply sign up for a free student account on zLearn. You can sign in with your Facebook account if you wish, or create a new account with just your email address and name. With your free account, you can create any number "Projects" within your private account.

Every Project is supported in a collaborative workspace that combines research, curation, communication, and collaboration capabilities. Create a Project for group study and invite your friends / classmates to join you there -- you can create any number of such study groups. Create a Project for collaborative research for a class project and work together with your classmates to research more effectively, save time, avoid repeated work, and learn together faster.

In summary, as a student, you can benefit from zLearn to:
  • Research together with classmates and friends using the same collaborative research workspace
  • Tap into the collective wisdom of your peers and social connections for any given project or research need
  • Set up online study groups as needed and invite interested others to work together with you to learn faster together
  • Dramatically improve your own productivity and effectiveness

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